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February 21, 2024
March 18, 2024
April 2, 2024
April 15, 2024
April 24, 2024


February 21, 2024: Revised Forms Plus a New Land Contract

The Standard Forms Committee is pleased to announce that four updated forms and one new form are live as of February 21, 2024 on Form Simplicity and in Paragon MLS Documents.  

  • Watch: Brief videos outlining the changes. Click on the links below to view.

  • What's NEW: Land Contract for Sale and Purchase 

    This new form mirrors the Contract for Sale and Purchase (rev. Dec. 2023), with a few clauses removed or modified.
    • Lines 4-5: checkboxes to indicate whether buyer may assign and be released from liability, may assign but not be released from liability, or may not assign the contract
    • Line 30: begins Inspections section, which is altered slightly from what is in the Contract for Sale and Purchase
    • Line 146: begins Survey section, which is altered slightly from what is in the Contract for Sale and Purchase (rev. Dec. 2023)
    • Line 212: begins Attorney Fees and Costs section, which is formatted the same as in the Contract for Sale and Purchase (rev. Dec. 2023)
    • Last page: no lines for agent’s or company’s license numbers

  • What's been REVISED:
    - Contract for Sale and Purchase (Rev. Dec. 2023)
    • Lines 4 and 5: adds three checkboxes to indicate whether buyer may assign and be released from liability, may assign but not be released from liability, or may not assign the contract.
    • Line 10: adds Parcel ID Number
    • Lines 80 and 81: updated wording
    • Line 82: keeps Garage Door Opener, deletes “and Transmitter(s)”
    • Line 85: adds Curtains/Drapes
    • Line 86: adds Curtain Rods
    • Line 267: shortens Land Use Disclaimer
    • Lines 319-328: three options added under Attorney Fees and Costs to indicate what would happen in the event of a dispute over who should receive the escrow deposit
    • Line 384: removes lines for agent’s and company’s license numbers

    - Listing Agreement for Exclusive Right of Sale (Rev. Dec. 2023)
    • Lines 5 and 6: updated wording
    • Line 9: adds Parcel ID number
    • Line 9: checkbox for Metes and Bounds (removes that metes and bounds have to be attached to the contract)
    • Lines 22 and 23: adds new wording under Personal Property
    • Line 24: keeps Garage Door Opener, deletes “and Transmitter(s)”
    • Line 27: adds Curtains/Drapes
    • Line 28: adds Curtain Rods
    • Line 34: adds “The following items are leased:”
    • Lines 44-54: reformat Seller’s Responsibilities from paragraph to a list
    • Line 49: adds “SELLER is advised to secure their valuables, firearms/ammo, medications, etc.”
    • Lines 50-51: adds a seller disclosure regarding audio and video surveillance equipment on the premises
    • Line 52: adds “SELLERS who are not under citizenship of the United States will be subject to the FIRPTA tax laws.”
    • Lines 67-86: reformat “Brokerage fee is due if” section from paragraph to a list
      • Lines 96-101: address NAR’s Clear Cooperation mandate
      • Line 104: regards whether the property will be entered into the MLS and marketed as coming soon, with a space for Seller’s initials
      • Lines 105-107: regard Seller’s choice regarding showings during Coming Soon, with spaces for the date at which showings can commence and a space for the Seller’s initials
    • Line 157: adds “SELLER warrants there are no prior agreements on this Property, listing, sale or otherwise, that have not been terminated.”

    - Seller's Property Disclosure Statement (Rev. Dec. 2023)
    • NOTICE TO SELLER AND BUYER: additional wording in this section
    • Lines 30 and 31: adds whether there is a moveout/cancelation clause in the lease
    • Lines 36-39: adds a new paragraph of automatically added fixtures and items under EQUIPMENT AND APPLIANCES INCLUDED IN SALE
    • Line 44: adds Curtain Rods
    • Line 45: adds Curtains/Drapes
    • Line 49: keeps Garage Door Opener, removes “and Transmitter(s)”
    • Line 74: asks whether there have been problems with the chimney or flue
    • Line 88: adds line and checkboxes for type of roofing material
    • Line 94: asks whether the roof is under warranty
    • Line 120: asks whether there are smart locks present, and if so, whether the smart locks have a key
    • Line 130: asks if there is a fireplace, and what the heat source is
    • Lines 139 and 140: asks if there is a generator installed, type of generator, year installed, and by whom installed
    • Line 183: asks who supplies water service
    • Line 184: asks who supplies gas service
    • Lines 207 and 208: asks whether there is a pool service company and who they are
    • Line 218: asks whether there are dehumidifiers in use, how many, and age
    • Line 219: asks whether the crawl space is encapsulated and year installed
    • Lines 270 and 271: asks whether a Radon Mitigation system is installed, number, location(s), and installer
    • Lines 281 and 282: asks if a road maintenance agreement exists for a private road, with a line for terms and/or contact person for details
    • Lines 306-317: adds section on LEASED OR FINANCED SYSTEMS/EQUIPMENT, including solar and other equipment
    • Lines 319-322: address whether or not an insurance claim has been filed on the property
    • Lines 334-335: address whether Leon County Fire Tax Assessment is paid separately or included in a tax or utility bill

    - Special Clause Addendum (Rev. Dec. 2023)
    • Lines 15 and 16: add new wording
    • Lines 26-30: add two options under First Right of Refusal for when the contingency period can begin


Additional Changes Effective March 18, 2024:

The following revised forms will be available on Form Simplicity and in Paragon MLS (under "MLS Documents") starting March 18, 2024: 

  • Listing Agreement
    - adds word “Bathroom” in front of "mirrors" on page 1
    - updates revised date 
  • Seller's Property Disclosure
    - adds word “Bathroom” in front of "mirrors" on page 2
    - updates revised date 
  • Contract for Sale & Purchase
    - adds word “Bathroom” in front of "mirrors" on page 3
    - updates revised date 
  • Counter Offer
    - makes changes to punctuation and case
    - the revised date is unchanged
  • Deposit Receipt
    - updates word "Offer" to "Contract"
    - updates revised date

HOA/Community Disclosure Update - Form Available April 2, 2024

The Homeowners’ Associations/Community Disclosure has been changed to add crucial information about the HOA:

  1. Contact person at the association, their phone #, e-mail address, and the association’s website at the top of the page, under the Name of the Community
  2. Above the signature lines is now a place for the property address

Use Florida REALTORS®' Buyer Brokerage Agreements 

The Standard Forms Committee is removing TBR's Buyer Representation Agreement from Form Simplicity and Paragon MLS Documents effective April 15. The committee will be reviewing TBR forms later in the year to make necessary updates. 

At this time, REALTORS® are encouraged to use the Florida REALTORS® Buyer Brokerage Agreement forms, which can be found online via Form Simplicity:

  • Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement, Transaction Broker
  • Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement, Single Agent
  • Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement, No Brokerage Relationship
  • Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement, Consent to Transition to Transaction Broker

Contact the Florida REALTORS® Legal Hotline at 407-438-1409 if you have any questions about the forms. 

Revised Land Contract for Sale and Purchase Available on April 24

The Standard Forms Committee has made a small change to the Land Contract for Sale and Purchase.  Under Paragraph 12, the Buyer and Seller will now have the option to agree to reduce the price, via a check box, based on the survey results, versus it being standard language.