Service time is billed hourly.
TBR Members: $65/hr. in-house, $75/hr. offsite.
Non-Members: $75/hr. in-house, $85/hr. offsite.
Call (850) 224-7713 for a quote.

Wi-Fi has become increasingly important for the connected home as well as in the workplace. Customers expect enterprise Wi-Fi and the security that comes from it. Homes today with smart home and streaming technologies require a robust wireless network, as well. We can diagnose coverage issues and offer solutions to remove “dead spots” in your Wi-Fi coverage. We will customize a Wi-Fi coverage map for your home and business that will allow for maximum Wi-Fi reach. We can install and configure a variety of network Access Points, routers, and Wi-Fi mesh networks, including Cisco’s Meraki enterprise line of access points. We provide consultation to our clients on what type of Internet products, speed, devices each ISP provides. Bottom line: if you need fast, dependable Internet and Wi-Fi, we’ve got you covered.

Our IT professionals will remove viruses, browser hijackers, and malware from your computer, server, or mobile device. Included in this service will be the removal of ineffective antivirus programs that we will replace with security software that protects your device, while not impacting its performance or speed. We can also provide solutions that will protect your data from ransomware. Whether it’s your business or home technology, we have the right cybersecurity solution for you.

Need to boost the performance of your device? We can upgrade virtually any component on your device. We specialize in upgrades that boost your device’s performance, including motherboards, memory, SSD hard drives, Wi-Fi 6, USB 3.1 ports, dual monitor upgrades, and more. Most upgrades can be done same day.

We offer replacement services for failed computer or server hard drives. In most cases we provide a more resilient and better performing SSD hard drive. If data has been lost, we have had great success recovering data from the failed hard drive and restoring it to a new system. Our hard drive replacement is usually paired with our custom PC imaging service. This provides a bit-to-bit copy of your computer’s content that can be restored to the computer once the hard drive has been replaced. The benefit is you not only recover your data, but your printer, software, and other PC settings, as well.

Upgrading an operating system can increase the performance of your PC, MAC, or mobile device, but more importantly it provides security features and functionality that your previous operating system does not currently have. Whether it’s upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (or, coming soon, 11), we can upgrade your computer without any data loss. The same applies to Apple Macbooks, Apple IOS devices, and Android devices.

Our TV installation includes mounting TV, running any necessary cabling, and connecting TV to customer-provided wired or Wi-Fi Internet. We provide a consultation with our customers from the purchase of the new TV, to the installation and training on features of your new display.

Our IT staff can assist you with purchasing, installation, and training on most popular virtual meeting platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google, Cisco Webex, and GoToMeetings. Need additional camera or monitor hardware? We can assist with that, as well.

Diagnostics for your technology devices are performed at no charge for TBR members. CATRS will notify you of the results of the diagnostics as well as next steps that will be needed to resolve your tech issues.
Service includes install and configuration of the following components: antivirus, antispyware, PC Maintenance Cleaner, Internet Explorer addons, pop-up blockers, and Adobe Reader. We will provide the following: hard drive failure check, memory upgrade assessment, and battery check. (TBR Members may still take advantage of free phone support through the CATRS and Black Knight Support desks.).
Protect your devices from ransomware and other cybersecurity threats! CATRS support staff will install its recommended antivirus and antimalware solutions that are needed to protect your PC, tablet, or smartphone from malicious Internet threats. Service includes install and configuration of the following components: antivirus, antispyware, PC Maintenance Cleaner, and reset to speed up your browser. (TBR Members may still take advantage of free phone support through the CATRS, Black Knight and Florida REALTORS® Tech Helpline Support desks.)
Have an old PC, tablet, or smartphone you would like to dispose of? Reformatting the drive alone is not enough to protect the data that you have stored on it from prying eyes. Avoid identity theft of your or your customers' data by having CATRS securely erase your hard drives before you trash them. We use methods that adhere to the Department of Defense standard for removal of data from hard disks. (DoD 5220.22M) (TBR Members may still take advantage of free phone support through the CATRS and Black Knight Support desks.)
Software issues? Virus issues? CATRS will first check your hardware for imminent failure before proceeding. If your hardware checks out, CATRS will wipe and reinstall your Windows or MAC operating system to its factory default. Contact CATRS for more information on backups before wiping your PC.
If your PC or laptop crashes, becomes infected with a virus, or worse—suffers a hardware failure—how safe is your data? CATRS support staff will back up your PC data to DVD, which is the most reliable medium for static file and folder backups.
If you need a new PC, tablet, smartphone or other device, you may find that with so many choices it’s difficult to decide which is the right one for your needs. Sign up for an hour with one of our support personnel and we can assist you in designing and picking out the right device, and explain current and upcoming technologies that may affect your purchasing decision. Specifications such as hard drive space, memory, type of operating system, processing speed, and additional software application including antivirus and warranty is made available in printed or electronic format.

Receive an hour of personalized training from CATRS support staff on most technologies, including but not limited to:

  • iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices
  • Cloud Services, including Google Drive and Apple iCloud
  • Paragon MLS Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word
  • Form Simplicity
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and more